Tuesday, July 23, 2024

WhasApp launches the new and much-anticipated feature: Users are crazy about joy


The developers of Whatsapp, the world’s leading messaging app, have decided to launch the new and much-anticipated feature

Whatsapp is one of the main messaging apps, if not the main one Allowing you to communicate with the whole world. The important thing is to have an internet connection. The greatness of this app is the constant update of its features.

Latest update of the messaging service (via WebSource)

Despite being one of the best messaging apps, it is not without its issues. Among the most criticized problems is the impossibility of transferring chat history in case of changing mobile phones and switching from Android to iOS.

In fact, Anyone who has had to transfer their data from Samsung phone to iPhone can’t do it. However, in the past few hours, Mark Zuckerberg announced through his Facebook profile that Whatsapp will have a new feature. The latter will allow to transfer videos, photos, voice messages and chats from Android to iOS. So far, only a reverse transition from iOS to Android has been possible. In fact, Google and Samsung have been working on this data transfer from iPhone to one of the latest Android platforms. Now you can also do the opposite.

The new feature to transfer data from Android to iOS

The WhatsApp
Messaging app keeps updating, it is possible to transfer data between different systems (via screenshot)

The constant updating of Whatsapp has made it one of the leading messaging apps. Now, in fact, it is possible to transfer chats and their contents from Android to iOS. The inability to take this step has led to more and more frustration for users. Now this data transfer is possible thanks to another app. To transfer data from Samsung to iPhone, you need to download the APP Move to iOS Apple, also available on play store.

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The only problem with this new feature is with the iPhone model. In fact, it is necessary to have at least Form 15.5 to be able to receive data from Android. The difficulty in finding a solution to the problem was being able to send data and keep the encryption intact end to end. The numerous precautions that the messaging app tries to implement to protect the privacy of its customers make it one of the best and most widely used apps.


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