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Weekend, winter attack from Russia, cold and snow in many parts of Saturday and Sunday, details »

Weather: Weekend, winter attack from Russia, cold and snow in many parts of Saturday and Sunday, details

Expected time for the weekendAbsolutely winter attack is immediate, coming directly from the frost Russia So, inevitably, the next Weekend It promises to be cool and unpredictable, which is a precursor to snowfall at very low altitudes.

All of this is a significant factor Unevenness towards high pressure north This would be conducive to further penetration Very cold air From icy lands Russian-Siberian and Already from the next 24 hours, a disruptive pilot with winter characteristics towards Italy will return to attack our country, far and wide, at the same time.

After a Friday, March 4th It will be unstable in many regions, even in the beginning Weekend It is vulnerable to high risk of rainfall and, above all, rather changing environment Snow Return to very low altitude.
Already from the first lights Saturday 5 Cold disturbances are in addition in various parts of the central and southern parts Rain You have to pay close attention Snow. The white scales can actually descend only to mountain elevations on the central Adriatic side and slightly higher in the southern reliefs. The climate in these areas is generally winter.
Tuscany, Sardinia and above all things will go better in the north, where the weather will show its best face, and sunlight is guaranteed. Extremely northwestern areas are exceptional, but only for some rapid disturbances in the morning.

When Sunday, March 6th The troubled front will gradually leave our country, but will leave a trail of instability, again in the central Adriatic and southern regions, especially here in the Tyrrhenia region. Especially in the first part of the holiday there will be a lot more clouds and the risk of isolated and residual rain, again Snowfall Up the hilly height.

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It will be a prelude to the coming week that promises to be even colder and more unstable. As the saying goes: winter has finally woken up!