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WEEKEND, there is an interesting hypothesis regarding the cold for Saturday the 13th and Sunday 14th. Updates confirm it »

WEATHER: WEEKEND There is an interesting hypothesis about cold for Saturday the 13th and Sunday 14th. Updates confirm it

Weekend weather forecastThere is one resounding cold assumption the next day weekend. Confirmation just arrived with the latest update Our official app Before the weekend, when a A boost of air with purely winter characteristics He’ll point straight towards Italy, and make way for one bad weather phase.

But let’s go for a better understanding of what to expect from the point of view of temperature and precipitation Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November.

These days, the northern European sector is starting to get involved Fantastic winter maneuversAnd with formation Low pressure strong structures which is technically defined”polar cyclone“Oh Depression in IcelandA real perturbation machine capable of affecting the weather even our country.
Well, our attention is focused on the following weekend: Already from day Saturday 13th November a widespread depression It can take off to the heart of Europe, and then head to our country.
If this hypothesis is confirmed, and therefore cold currents should indeed enter the Mediterranean basin through the Rhone Gate, we may have to witness Storm In full swing, with formation deep hurricane in our seasligur NS Tyrrhenian), able to trigger Heavy rain over much of the northern center, with a risk of storms in Liguria de Levante and in the regions Tyrrhenian.
Not only. Due to the sharp drop in temperatures caused by the cold eruption, there may also be a return Noun We the mountainAnd with braces It reaches an altitude of less than 1500 meters.

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Cold rushes down from Northern Europe from Saturday 13 NovemberCold rushes down from Northern Europe from Saturday 13 November