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Previsioni meteo per il weekend

Weekend, Scipio Between Heat and Strong Thunderstorms Saturday, Sunday 4th and Sunday 5th June »

Weather: Weather forecast for the weekend, between Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June, between the heat of Sibio and the strong thunderstorms.

Over the weekend, it will be even 41 degrees Celsius, but there is also a risk of serious events.

Weather forecast for the weekendConfirmations will come: The The first weekend in June It is characterized by great heat due to the advancement of the African anticyclone “Cypio”. But beware, there may be heavy rain in some areas between Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th.

We often hear about “heat eruptions” and “strong thunderstorms” with strong winds and hail. But what happens to the Italian climate? At first glance this may seem like a contradiction, but if the question is analyzed in detail, it turns out that it is. Two sides of the same coin: High heat converts to high energy when playing for extreme weather events. Causes must be found in a specific structure at the synoptic level Will be doing it again next weekend.

In particular, there will be two main players in the game: the infamous on the one hand African Anticyclone Cybio It will soon begin to burn most of Central and Southern Europe, including Italy; On the other hand, Fresh and unstable air masses Directly downhill from the North Atlantic.

Let’s start with determination; Areas of the central-south and two large islands (but also a good part of the north) will have to deal with one another in the coming days. Heat wave Characterized by a significant rise in temperature, which reaches a maximum value of more than 35 C. According to the latest updates, beware Saturday, June 4th High pressure Under the influence of cold and unstable currents of Atlantic descent, it may begin to creak in its northern hemisphere, disrupting the atmosphere beginning in the afternoon, bringing the first rains, especially in the Alps.
The effects of this cold and highly unstable journey at high altitudes will be felt especially during the day Sunday 5Especially in the northwest (note Piedmont, Lombardy, Valle d’Aosta): Given the strong contradictions expected, they should not be ruled out Violent thunderstorms At first in the Alps, but later extended Nearby plainWith high risk Sleet.

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In the central-south and two large islands, however, the heat wave caused by Cypio on Sunday will reach its peak, with maximum temperatures of up to 37/38 C even in cities. Florence And RomeIt can be touched even in the interior of Sardinia, Sicily and the Dovolier of Puglia. 41 C!

High temperature in central south;  Risk of severe thundershowers in the northHigh temperature in central south; Risk of severe thundershowers in the north