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Previsioni meteo per il weekend

Weekend at risk of flooding, forecasts worsen for Saturday and Sunday, updates »

Weather: Weekend with flood risk, forecast worsened for Saturday and Sunday, updates

Weather forecast for the weekendThe weekend is at risk of flooding. after Poppy Hurricaneduring the next day weekend new The dangerous whirlpool will affect Italy.
Expectations Saturday 26 And the Sunday 27 They are even getting worse With the latest update, it just arrived.
It cannot be denied: a deep wound has opened in the hemisphere, in which extremely cold and unstable air currents continue to flow and flow from the North Pole towards low latitudes, and thus towards our country.

Just at sunset of the week, a new cold front will break into the Mediterranean Basin causing Hurricane formation Which will go deeper into the middle and lower Tyrrhenian Sea, recalling the strong and wet southern currents (potential energy of weather extremes). This will be a dangerous formation capable of bringing heavy rains, Gusty winds, as well as a noticeable drop in temperatures, especially at extreme values.
According to the latest updates, this new tornado is going to hit Central South and the second hour main islands Where heavy rain is expected.
As we can see from the map we provide below, with specific reference to a day Saturday 26is an important precipitation, even in the form of a cloudburst (colour yellowup to 100 mm of precipitation in 24 hours, i.e. 100 liters per square meter) on Puglia and on Calabria ionic. Heavy rains are also expected Campania And the Basilicata (the color ViolaAnd the between 40 and 70 mm) and by evening also in the rest of south-central Sicily.Rain is expected on Saturday, November 26Rain is expected on Saturday, November 26

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And that’s not all: in context On Sunday the 27th, bad weather can insist above all on CalabriaAnd the Where we do not rule out the formation of massive storm cells Able to drain large quantities of water onto the ground in a few hours: in short, there is danger torrents.
The map below indicates Sunday 27shown with color auburn Up to 200 mm of rain is expected in a short time (serious flood risk).Rain expected on Sunday 27. Calabria flood riskRain expected on Sunday 27. Calabria flood risk
Weather conditions are certainly more stable and sunny instead in the north where temperatures will make the news: in fact, minimum temperatures are expected to reach around 0°C even on the plains, with frost.