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WEC / Lamborghini LMDh: V8 biturbo per conquistare Le Mans

WEC / Lamborghini LMDH: the twin-turbo V8 engine to conquer Le Mans – Sport GT

The LMDH project in which Lamborghini will compete for the overall victory with a sports prototype in major international endurance competitions is beginning to take shape more and more. Represents the house of the bull The second manufacturer of the Volkswagen Group after Porsche To adopt the LMDH platform in 2024, a presence of the German giant that should have been more important before Audi abandoned. After the initial announcement of the start of the program in recent months, Lamborghini has released key technical specifications for the engine and the car that will compete in Europe and North America.

LMDh from Sant’Agata Bolognese will be paid by A combustion engine developed from scratch by Lamborghini’s Squadra Corse division, unlike the modifications made to the existing units pursued by the competition. will be motivated V8 Twin Turbo 90°whose displacement is still unknown until now, demanding to face the already declared adversary units:
Acura: V6 2.4L Twin Turbo
– BMW: V8 4 liter twin-turbocharged
-Porsche: 4.8L V8 Bi-Turbo
Cadillac: V8 naturally aspirated 5.5 liters
The Alpine is still missing, and its LMDH debut is scheduled for 2024 but its technical specifications have yet to be revealed.

According to the regulations, the combustion engine manufactured by Lamborghini will have a weight of at least 180 kg, with a maximum deliverable capacity of 681 horses, equivalent to 500 kilowatts. It will work in synergy with the hybrid system, as per standard supply for all LMDhs. The electric generator manufactured by Bosch will be able to provide a maximum thrust of 50 kW, with a braking force of 200 kW. The battery pack will instead carry Williams Advanced Engineering’s signature, while the seven-speed Xtrac gearbox will be integrated directly into the engine’s alternator.
Lamborghini also used the press release to announce an external collaboration to realize the prototype. The carbon fiber monocular will be developed in synergy with leger, one of the four tire makers approved for the LMDh platform with Dallara, to whom we owe the chassis of BMW, Cadillac, Oreca (Acura) and Multimatic (Porsche). Instead, the elements in the composite materials for the outer body will be produced by the company HP vehicles Ascoli Piceno. As for the technical specifications, the Lamborghini LMDH complies with the regulation standards: Minimum weight 1030 kg (excluding driver and fluids), 2000 mm track, 3148 mm wheelbase and 5100 mm length.

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Lamborghini is expected to make its track debut in 2024, with a confirmed program at WEC in the Hypercar class, where it will challenge Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Toyota, Peugeot and Cadillac while waiting to discover the future of Glickenhaus and Vanwall. On the other hand, the previously announced commitment to IMSA appears initially to be limited to endurance championship races only, but more details are expected in the coming months. Meanwhile, the Italian enthusiasts will be able to continue to sustain the dream of a second Italian manufacturer active in the first class of international endurance.

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