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Weather: Snowfall in Rome in December is a rare event, but certainly not impossible

Many weather enthusiasts, especially the young ones, dream of seeing snow fall, especially when it is a rare occurrence. In Rome you certainly don’t see snow every year, Although in the winter five years ago there was a late snowfall at the end of February.

Last December snowfall in Rome: It was December 17, 2010, with slight accumulations in some of the higher areas, such as Monte Mario

The best snow conditions rarely occur on the plains or on the coasts in December, at least in many regions of central-southern Italy and the main islands. Here the most severe and snow-friendly winters occur in the second part of winter, between the end of January and the beginning of February.

Unfortunately, this year will also not be an exception, as December ends as the equinox prevails during the Christmas holidays. no surprise, Christmas without cold and snow is now a constant.

Snowfall past events in December

The most suitable months for snow in Rome are definitely January and February. Snowfall in December is rareat least if we look at what happened in the last century, based on the statistics and data collected by the Roman College Observatory.

What has emerged is that snow in December, at first occasionally, has become increasingly rare over the decades. However, the December flake dates back exactly 12 yearswhich occurred on December 17th, though it quickly turned to rain.

To exclude the dancing flock on December 17, 2010, with only minor temporary accumulations in the highest regions, we must go back to December 24, 1962 with the last snowfall. On that Christmas Eve, snow caused a backlog to form on the ground even in Ostia and in higher elevations, including Monte Mario.

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More significant snowfall occurred in December 1941 (7 cm), December 1940 (4 cm on December 24) and December 1939 (15 cm even in the city center). to report three consecutive days of snowfall in December 1917. On that occasion a total of 8 cm of accumulation was reached.