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Weather report. The Arctic front is in traffic with rain, thunderstorms, snow and wind. Here’s what happens today 3B Meteo

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Weather Tuesday
Weather Tuesday

Situation. Now driven by the minimal pressure exerted on the Ionian Sea, it was pushed by a turbulent and arctic-like northern current that emerged from northern Europe. It has been focusing on the southern regions since early this morning. Here the temperature drops and the day begins with a significant instability, so it is raining with thunder. Conditions have improved in the central-north, There the opposition from Central-Western Europe is beginning to re-emerge.

Bad weather has accumulated in the south. It is only in the southern regions that the effects of the lead in traffic in Italy are concentrated, and even rainfall and precipitation are considered. Storm nature in the lower Tyrrhenian region, Particularly between Lower Calabria and Messina, bluviometric accumulations of more than 30 mm in Cosentino and hail in northeastern Sicily. Stable events in the upper apulia with an accumulation of approximately 40 mm in the carcinoma.

In the following image it is on the menu (ME). Photo of the Meteo Marina de Bar Amateur Weather Network.

Live Bar (ME)
Live Bar (ME)

APENNINES, snow below 1000M. The amount of snow on the Apennine ridge has decreased over the past few hours The scales are already falling from 800 meters 900/1000 m in the Campania and Luganian divisions, in Calabrian and Sicily. On the other hand, rainfall in the Northern Apennine region has decreased, with the recent rains lasting only in the Molise field. Nicolosi (CT) in the following photo. Photo by Mario Alfio Papallardo Amateur Weather Network.

Nicholsi (CT)
Nicholsi (CT)

Strong winds, winds up to 100 km / h. The wind is still strong in the north, especially in the south Peaks at a speed of 110 km / h at Garcano100km / h in Sicily, 80km / h in Machines and beyond in Sardinia and the southern Apennines.

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Thickness and snow on alpine borders. The Border Alps reveal thickening and weak snowfall in the mid-eastern border Alps, scaling up to 700 meters in Swiss and Austrian waters.

The following video shows a blizzard in Cervinia (AO) on Monday evening:

Fire in Piedmont. There were some fires in an area of ​​Piedmont on Monday, due to prolonged conditions of severe drought and dry winds sweeping the region. One eruption occurred in the Pyllis forest between Prairie and Kurino, the other in the Veclio area and finally in Panoramica Jegna. Fire in the Kunio area, especially in Lange. The situation is under control early Tuesday morning as the wind is currently calm.

Next hour weather. Clear skies will dominate the central and northern regions, with the exception of the remaining density in the Alps. Weak snowfall in Swiss and Austrian waters, They will be exhausted in the next few hours. Abruzzo is also an exception, due to a certain variation, some light rain or snowfall of about 800 m, covering mainly inland areas during the day, causing definite fatigue in the evening. Conditions in most southern regions with rainfall are initially unstable e Thunderstorms in Buglia, Calabria and northeastern Sicily In Campania the rain begins to fall during the day, where it takes in light from the north. In the evening the rainfall decreases in all parts, with the last rain on the Ionian side. On the other hand, there are no events with large letters in the south of Sicily. The snow cover in the southern Apennines is about 800/900 m. Strong winds, mainly from the northwest, the temperature drops. Enter the section for all details Weather Italy.

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Even in high pressure conditions, at the peak of summer, thunderstorms suddenly form and surprise us, short, localized but sometimes intense: they are called. ‘Heat storms’ Also more in the afternoon and early in the evening.

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