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Weather report. In front of me is passing with rain, thunderstorms and snow. Below are the respective regions «3B Meteo

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Italy weather report
Italy weather report

Thunderstorms and Hail in the south. During the day, the front is still operational in the southern regions, producing showers and thunderstorms in Apulia, Calabria and Sicily. There are plyometric accumulations Up to 40 mm in SalentoWhile Hail storms reported in SyracuseThe following video was submitted by Amateur Weather Network.

Setbacks and storms in the south. Storm line associated with the southern Italian trans front causes rain and thunderstorms early in the day on the southern peninsula, Especially in Salento, where up to 40 mm of rain accumulated during the night. Rain and showers also on the Tyrrhenian side, which this morning is currently focused on Cilento. Some isolated rains also affect Sardinia and the interior of central Italy.

Fog and fog on the central and northern sections. In the northern regions, the anticyclone is in the recovery stage, and in the lower layers, the night periods have favored the formation of fog and mist over the Po Valley and the interior of central Italy. In particular they noticed Fog over the expanses of the plains between Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto, Temperatures are often below zero and the consequences thereof frost.

continent. The low-pressure vortex accompanying the turbulence moves over Italy toward the Ionian River on Wednesday. It is still able to influence the weather in our southern regions with precipitation and rain that will mainly focus on the lower Tyrrhenian side. In the north, on the other hand, the high pressure field extending from Western Europe begins to recover and the weather is more stable, as well as in the central regions, even if the tail of the Atlantic front on the northern edge is approaching, which is responsible for the increased cloud cover over the Alps, with the arrival of Some phenomena to the border sectors.

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Weather in the coming hours“. after Some rain over the southern regions, in the morning over Calabria and Puglia, then during the day especially between Tyrrhenian Calabria and northern Sicily., gradually mitigating precipitation elsewhere except for tailings in central and southern Puglia; Partial purges tend to be widespread in the Upper Campania region. quotes Snow on the Southern Apennines About 900/1000 mm. In the rest of Italy, it dries up even with large fits, except for fluctuations in the morning in the central regions but improves during the day. Instead some rain in Sardinia until evening. The cloudy sun is observed passing through the veil and the high layers over the northern regions. More compact densities on the border of the French-Swiss Alps with weak snowfall from 1200/1400 m. In the morning, mist banks over the Po Valley, weakening during the day. The wind is tense from the northwest. Maximum temperatures rise in the northern center. For all details enter the section Italy weather. In order to evolve up to Friday click here.

Upcoming weather hours
Upcoming weather hours

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