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Weather report. Front passes through part of southern Italy with showers and thunderstorms. Situation and outlook «3B Meteo

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Italy weather report
Italy weather report

Thunderstorms every night over the middle Adriatic low. A front linked to a low pressure cycle in Central and Eastern Europe Crossed areas of the lower central Adriatic during the night And part of the interior of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with a series of showers in some cases including thunderstorms. The most affected areas were Molise, north-central Puglia, Basilicata and the interior of Campania, Where there were also heavy deposits, albeit of short duration. At the beginning of the day, the last shower clashed with Salento and Upper Ionian Calabria, albeit with much less intensity, while the front now abandoned the remaining Adriatic sectors, being dominated by great periods.

In the following video, thunderstorms are seen at night in the Foggia region:

Stable and resistant to rolling in the rest of Italy. The scope of combating cyclones of an African nature is being expanded in the rest of Italy, which establishes stable weather conditions and which will quickly restore atmospheric calm throughout the south during the day.

Weather in the coming hours. Rapid exhaustion of rain in the far south of the peninsula with large spells arriving already in the morning. In the rest of Italy Stable weather and mostly sunny weather Except for some irregular cloud covers at the beginning of the day over Piedmont, especially near the Alps, and sometimes even over upper Lombardy. In the afternoon, large swathes of land will prevail across Italy, with some exceptions. These will be represented by some contrast over the Western Alps, even with Some short rains in the valleys of Cuneoand from some cloud cover scattered along the Apennine mountain range and in the interior of the south-central, is completely harmless.

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High temperatures. The African cyclone will start to build up and we will notice it especially in the afternoon when the maximum temperatures will be higher than yesterday. Expect values up to 33/35°C In the north, in the interior regions of Tuscany and Lazio and the main islands.

Weather Wednesday, July 13
Weather Wednesday, July 13

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