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Weather report. A severe cold wave from the US and Canada. Thrilling End of January « 3B Weather

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A wave of severe frost and snow hits America

Spots in Canada are -41°C. The end of January will be busy in most parts of the US. A massive disturbance of cold air has formed over icy Canadian lands and is already being felt in border states. Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Here the minimum values ​​are recorded down to -27 degrees Celsius, although they have little relation to the temperatures reached in the Canadian states, the column reaches Even -41 degrees Celsius.

A high of -30°C in North America on Monday. During Sunday, freezing air pressure will move south and reach southern states such as Oklahoma, where temperatures above 1500m will touch -10C over northern parts and northwest Texas. However, a heart of frost is expected in the Great Lakes region, Inevitably their ice levels must be increased. The extreme freezing conditions that characterize the pre-Christmas period in many US states will not be reached between Sunday and Monday. Minimum temperatures in North Dakota and Minnesota will drop to -30 degrees Celsius. Between -15 and -20°C in cities like Milwaukee and Chicago, and in Detroit on Tuesday.

Snow on the Midwestern Plains. Cold air from Canada will activate a front that will cross the Mid-Eastern US states on Sunday, bringing snow to the Midwestern Plains, especially in states like Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and IndianaShowers and thunderstorms, even of strong intensity, will affect southern states such as Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

First weekend of February, new cold. North-Eastern states will gradually cool down but will remain cold till mid-week. But I verse A fresh flurry of snow could hit the North East next weekend. As intense as before and accompanied by constant wind and snowstorms.

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