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Weather, La Niña Effects: Tropical Air Bubble Over Italy. January fears

Forecast with a hot African bubble on New Year's Eve - Meteo, La Niña effects: a tropical air bubble over Italy.  January fears
Weather with hot African bubble New Year’s Eve.
anomaly 850 hpa - Meteo, the effects of La Niña: a tropical air bubble over Italy.  January fears
Temperature anomalies at 850 hPa on New Year’s Eve.
New Year's Thermal Series - Meteo, La Niña Effects: Tropical Air Bubble Over Italy.  January fears
Zero Heat New Year’s Eve. Note that the projected peak is 4,000 m in the Western Alps.

The mechanisms regulating weather development are strongly influenced by indicators of climatic behaviour. At this point we are seeing a very strong influence of the little girl He is born Strong extratropical cyclones in the North Atlantic, weeks after its release Bad weather in the Mediterranean Midwest, now being replaced by a new climatic figureAfrican high pressure. From this we know well During the summer seasonsHowever, he is now accustomed to It shows itself even in the middle of winter.

Really, African high pressure is not an indicator of climate behaviour, or at least not yet classified as such. It’s an air mass which frequently reach the Mediterranean, and expand across half of Europe, giving rise to waves of intense heat.

This time the maximum temperature peaks at 850 hPa You will have it in the south of France and towards the northwest of Italy, with zero heat that can lead to Altitudes close to 4000 meters. Summer value.

the Weather event duration, however, it will be at its peak very short, and it will appear at its fullest at a bend New Year 2022. Then there will be The decay of this hurricane, but nevertheless in the western central Mediterranean they will continue Big climatic anomaly. at the same time, In the north-east of the European continentThe cold will continue, indeed frost It can become astronomical since in Moscow region Expected after New Year’s Eve 30°C. Now the value is not usual in those parts.

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the little girlAs we have said countless times, it is able to intertwine the natural dynamics of Earth’s climate. Such harsh conditions do not exist only in Europe. in a North AmericaFor example, this year we’re talking about heat waves Resulting in record temperatures in various regions of the Great Plains region, while The west coast is affected by a cold wave Unusually severe, with snowstorms occurring even on the plains.

but in one An overview of the planetsClimate anomalies cause unusual weather phenomena. For example, in some areas severe drought conditions occur with sporadic thunderstorms which are the cause of Serious consequences.

It’s not just because of La Niña, also because it happens periodically, but what happens comes first weather changes that’s yes overlap for different indicators of climatic behaviour.