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Italia, paese a rischio tornado? Ecco le aree più esposte

Weather, hurricanes arrive in Italy, map of regions most at risk »

Not only in the United States, devastating events can also happen in our country

Italy, a country at risk of hurricanes? Here are the most exposed areasHurricanes are extremely destructive atmospheric phenomena, and of all atmospheric vortices, they are those with the highest energy density or energy emitted and, in the Mediterranean region, they represent the most violent phenomena that can be verified, albeit at a low frequency.
United States of America – In the popular imagination, tornadoes are less powerful phenomena than tornadoes: in fact, the two terms are quite epigenetic; The only difference is that the word “tornado” It is mainly used in the United States (RWorcester) While in Italy typical to use “tornado”.
Generally associated with severe storms (supercells), they can travel hundreds of kilometers and generate winds of up to 500 km/h.
To measure the intensity of hurricanes, the Fujita Scale is used which varies from grade 0 (weak) to grade 5 (catastrophic).
How are air horns (or tornadoes) born? – The process of forming a tornado is linked to certain weather characteristics. favorable conditions for aggregate formation They are found in very unstable environments, characterized by variable winds (Windshear) depending on altitude and the presence of a mass of hot and humid air, dominated by cold and dry air, which leads to rising and intensifying winds into powerful storms.
Tornadoes can originate in any type of thunderstorm system, but the most violent tornadoes/tornadoes originate from violent thunderstorms such as supercells.
High-risk areas in Italy On our peninsula The region most at risk is the Venetoto follow come Lombardy, Friuli, Piedmont, Emilia and Liguria, pOr Tuscany, Lazio, Sicily, Campania, Puglia, and especially Salento.
devastating events – Even in Italy, as in Europe, we had really tragic precedents in history, due to the passage of devastating hurricanes that, traveling a distance of more than 70-80 kilometers (such as hurricanes in the United States), caused a large number of deaths and injuries.
Precedence belongs to the hurricane that struck Treviso County on July 24, 1930. The hurricane, for some classified as a F-4, F-5damaged the town and municipal church of Volpago del Montello, and continued as far as the Treviso region, where it caused the deaths of at least 23 people.