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Weather, Hurricane Beryl is now “potentially catastrophic.” Let’s see why it’s already broken all the records


Weather, Hurricane Beryl is a Cat 5 monster, and is on alert for the Caribbean

Hurricane Beryl, developing in the southern Caribbean, on Tuesday, July 2, moved from Category 4 to 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, the highest and most dangerous!
Therefore, the alert will be issued in the next few days in many Caribbean islands, even southern Mexico.
It is extremely rare for a major hurricane to occur in July in the Antilles, and it is a Category 5. never happened.

But how could this happen? The role of climate change. And the factors that contributed to its formation beryl This time of year is Surface temperature From the sea +1.5°C above average Because of RGlobal Warming In progress (very high heat values ​​for several months now). The temperature of +29°C is usually recorded in September, after the long and hot summer months, but climate change is now distorting these dynamics with increasingly devastating effects around the world.
Specifically, abnormal ocean temperatures and ocean heat content have led to beryl To one of his Fast condensation.

According to the latest report from National Hurricane Center (NHC), center beryl Located to the east/southeast of Jamaica– Maximum wind speed 200 km/h Gusts of wind which reach locally i 260 km/h – The direction is accompanied by heavy rains westward at a speed of 40 km/h.
According to a bulletin from the US National Hurricane Center, the extreme weather phenomenon will cross the Caribbean Sea with Potential for major damage.

It hit the mainland hard on Monday. The Grenadines (divided between the states of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada) with winds of about 200 km/h.

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But the worst is not over yet. It is expected that beryl It remains close to major hurricane intensity as it moves into the central Caribbean Sea and passes close to the area. JamaicaHe said, National Hurricane CenterWith the potential for deadly winds and storm surge. It is then expected to weaken significantly, although it appears to experts that it will remain a “Very dangerous major hurricane“Category 3 or stronger, through mid-week,” the hurricane center said. The map below shows the area. a path Forecast for this massive hurricane.Hurricane Beryl's forecast path

Hurricane Beryl’s forecast path
Meanwhile, the storm continues to break all records (the first Category 4 hurricane ever recorded in June and The closest Category 5 hurricane ever observed) An exceptionally early start to the hurricane season.


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