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Weather: Hot and harsh sunrise

Weather: Hot and harsh sunrise

This morning we will show you the satellite images that they are showing The evolution of time in the last hours on the European scale:

There is still something to report in the entire European sector, where it is valid Anti vortex monster it shows Resolute and foreboding of the awful temperatures. The only clouds are found in far eastern Europe and western British Isles.

In Italy, except for a few clouds over the Alps, the same morning appears mercilessly calm, prelude toAfter another hot day for our country.

Let’s go then and see Expected ground temperatures this afternoon in Italy:

In the north along the Tyrrhenian Sea and in Sardinia Rate around 35-37 degreesbut locally we will have Even top tips. The heat in the middle and low Adriatic is a bit more tolerant, given a Slight return of currents from the northwestwith values ​​too less than 30 degrees.

In terms of the brightness of the sun, we can also omit the map: regardless Some thunderstorms over the Alps in the afternoon, The sun will shine mercilessly all over Italy and all day long.

In the end, These are the expected temperatures always on Earth until noon tomorrow, Wednesday 20 July:

More heat suppression in the north and center with tips from 37-38 degrees, but locally higher. Temperatures are also rising in the south. From an atmospheric point of view, nothing to report separately Some thunderstorms in the Alps in the afternoon.

Always check predictions Detailed and specific to your cityAnd the continuously updated:

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