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Weather forecast Livorno, 24 and 25 September yellow weather warning

Weather forecast Livorno, 24 and 25 September yellow weather warning

The Operations Room of the Regional Civil Defense has issued a yellow warning for the hydrogeological risk of thunderstorms and small network from tomorrow, Saturday, September 24, from 12:00 pm to Sunday, 2:00 pm. According to the forecasts, in fact, from the end of Saturday morning, rainfall is expected initially in the northwest areas, extending to the rest of the region in the afternoon, especially the central areas and the central south coast. Scattered thunderstorms in the evening. Abundant overall averages are expected with high or very high extremes with strong thunderstorms.

The municipality also announces “Given the current spatio-temporal uncertainty of the expected events, the critical assessment bulletin published on Saturday, September 24, the possibility of switching to the orange code for the same risks and scenarios is not excluded today. It is evaluated in yellow “.

What to do if it rains heavily

In the event of critical warnings or weather warnings, it is advisable to raise the level of common sense and follow the instructions provided by the municipality’s civil defense, information channels on traffic conditions and the evolution of weather conditions via radio, TV. , websites corporate web. It is advisable to take the following precautions during heavy rains or thunderstorms:

  • Avoid crossing flooded roads and underpasses as the depth and velocity of water can be greater than it appears.
  • The force of rainfall can dislodge drain plugs from their seats: pay attention to traffic even on roads that are not heavily flooded.
  • Walk carefully on flooded streets as there may be hazards.
  • Avoid crossing or stopping along waterways and banks of bridges and footpaths.
  • Install barriers to prevent water from entering rooms below street level, such as basements and underground garages.
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