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Weather forecast. An active whirlpool will bring rain, storms and snow to parts of Italy on Monday. Here in which areas « 3B Meteo

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Weather Italy Monday 9 January

Spin in the making. Confusion has arrived Sunday Over part of Italy, on Monday it will deal a decisive blow to the anticyclone, forcing it out of the central Mediterranean, where a firm dynamic low pressure area will dig in. Indeed, creation awaits A deep vortex between northern Italy and the AdriaticThe disturbance will swirl around it and spread southward and reach a good portion of the southern regions Even strong events, Especially on the Tyrrhenian side. Here’s what happens in detail:

Weather Monday. to North Rain and rain in the Northeast and Emilia Romagna, with thunderstorms also on the Friulian coast, but gradually diminishing from the west during the day. Already destroyed in the northwest in the morning, widened from the afternoon and extended to most of Lombardy, western Emilia and Triveneto in the evening. Snow in the Eastern Alps at 900/1100 m. During the afternoon, a new intensity of instability with snow up to 600/800m in the Western Alps. to Center Unstable in Lazio and Tyrrhenian regions with thunderstorms. Starting from the coasts during the day, the trend clears once the events stop, except for the last rain in Lower Lazio until the evening. Significant variations in the Adriatic regions and Umbria already with rain in the morning in the inland areas, during the day some rain or thunderstorms arrive on the March and Abruzzo coasts, but subside in the evening. Snow is back in the Apennines, dropping to 1200/1400m, Lazio also abounds in the field. to South Rain and thunderstorms spread rapidly to Calabria and Sicily, strong in the Tyrrhenian region, even in Campania. Possible storm events in Tyrrhenian Calabria in the afternoon-evening. Also unstable on the Adriatic side, but with more intermittent and fewer events in the evening; Some rain in Ionian Calabria, especially in the evening. In Sardinia Thunderstorms in the west in the morning followed by clear spells and fresh variations in the evening with some showers in the west. wind Sea storms along the western coasts, southwest to Ionian and lower Adriatic, western Sardinian and Tyrrhenian coasts. Temperatures decreases. Enter the section for all details Italy weather. For the trend through the weekend Click here.

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