Sunday, July 21, 2024

Weather: Cyclone over Italy, very bad weather in mid-north, but everything changes again from mid-week


Cyclone caught in Italy, persistent rain and below-average temperatures in Mid-North.

Lorenzo TediciMeteorologist from, and confirms that a cyclone is trapped between Corsica and the northern Apennines with lots of rain for 36 hours. A storm straight in from Ireland is causing autumn-like temperatures in the north. We are 6-7 degrees Celsius below the average for the northern and central regions, and locally we have to pull heavy sweatshirts and rain boots from the wardrobes.

the rainIn fact, Will still be the protagonist, especially between Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Lower Piedmont and Tuscany, Umbria and the Marche; There will be no shortage of dry conditions, but heavy thunderstorms cannot be ruled out, and above all the cyclone will bring widespread rain across the central-north and inland across Calabria and Sicily.
Very dangerous bad weather is expected to hit the northern Apennines again. Flood warning in rivers in the middle of summer!

Wednesday will see a complex presence of the cyclone in central-northern ItalyAlthough the low pressure moves eastwards: before crossing the Adriatic and reaching the Balkans, we expect heavy rain in Triveneto and most of the Adriatic, from Marche to Molise, with some rain in Puglia as well.

From Thursdayhowever, Everything will change, again: the return of the North African anticyclone would everywhere bring about a decisive advance and above all a fresh fury of heat; Temperatures above 30°C are expected across the Mid-South initially, but will reach 35°C on Friday and 40°C over the weekend.
However, I am talking about this new African Blaze Sunday, June 30 42°C in Syracuse, 40°C in Catania and Matera, 39°C in Bari, Caltanissetta, Les and Oristano, 38°C in Sicily and Puglia, 37°C in Campania: the latest Sunday of the month again in the armor of a super heat wave.

There will be more thundershowers in the Mid-North

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So it’s very eventful weather: let’s look out for continued rain in the mid-north until Wednesday, then prepare for a new African outbreak in the south from Friday.
At the moment, the only slightly calmer day seems to be Thursday, June 27, and the rest of June will be spent dancing to the weather swings of this decidedly capricious end.


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