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Weather alert, Mother's Day under the banner of bad weather: the most affected areas

Weather alert, Mother’s Day under the banner of bad weather: the most affected areas

The unstable rotation created in the central Mediterranean with the main axis near the middle and lower Tyrrhenian will continue throughout the weekend. The center of circulation, located more or less at all altitudes, will not undergo significant displacements, moreover, while maintaining the turbulent density more or less unchanged, so that clouds, rain, rain and even thunderstorms continue to be present in many areas of the territory, but no Still again severe, locally strong also in the southern regions, closest to the lowest depression. There may be a slight effect of the vortex over the mid-Upper Adriatic sectors and in some northwestern regions. Let’s see in more detail the sectors most affected by precipitation.

In the meantime, it must be said that all night rain and rain will remain over various southern regions, especially in the interior of Campania, in Lucanía, on the police interior, in most of Calabria, and especially in central and southern Italy, for the most part. Sicily, even here. Especially in the south. Rain and rain spread in southern Sardinia, and more irregular phenomena in central and northern Apennine, Lazio, Tuscany, Liguria and the Alpine and Alpine sectors in general. Locally some of the weakest phenomena are also in central-eastern Lombardy. The best time in the rest of the sectors. Tomorrow morning local clouds and rain will be more restricted with greater participation again of some southern sectors, especially in the south-central part of Calabria, also in the far north of Calabria, the Polino region, in Lucania, locally on the central Adriatic, between Abruzzo and northern Puglia; Of the most significant phenomena are also in the southwest of Piedmont, in particular in the region of Kone, and in the northeast of the Alps and Prielps.

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Dry weather in general with brighter spells over the rest of the sectors, except for some localized intensification in the central eastern plains of the north as well as in Sicily, but with certainly more occasional phenomena. In the afternoon and evening hours, rain and thunderstorms are still scattered over a large part of the south, with the exception of southern Sicily, southern Puglia, southern Lucania and various areas of Palermo, especially coastal and flat. Irregular rains and thunderstorms in Molise, Abruzzo, Lazio, Umbria, central and southern Marche, Tuscany, and also in the central and southern part of Sardinia, but in these sectors there are more limited phenomena with more frequent luminous spells. Instability will continue in Liguria and in the alpine and pre-alpine sectors in general, as well as in Lombardy, especially in the north-central regions, and less so in the southwest sectors. Drier weather with brighter periods in the north of the central Marche, in Romania, in a large part of Veneto, over all the flat and coastal sectors, also in Friuli Venezia Giulia, except for the inscriptions, in the center-east of Piedmont and in northern and coastal Sardinia. The regions with the greatest accumulations will be the interior of Campania, Lucania, the interior sectors of Bari and northern Tarantino, southern Sardinia, western Calariatano, northern central Sicily, Calabria Tyrrhenian, as well as western and southern Piedmont, in all these sectors with accumulations ranging in The average is between 15/20 and even 30 mm, but tops reach 40 mm and more. Heavy rains and rain, even locally violent and more urgent, are expected over the regions of central and southern Ionian Calabria, and thus between southern Catanzares, the eastern regions of the Vibo Valentia province, the Middle East and southern Regino, also here with a frequency of accumulations at 30/40/50 mm, But up to 70/80 mm or even more than 100 mm between the area south of Catanzaro and the extreme north-east of Reggio, areas in blue towards fuchsia. Risk of potential local landslides or flash floods over these ionic sectors in Calabria. Temperatures will not undergo significant changes with values ​​remaining below average on a large scale especially on the main islands, in the low-middle Adriatic and in the south in general. Usually more or less in the regions of the Mediterranean and High Tyrrhenian and in the north. moderate winds with reinforcements, all from the east or north, strong also from the west and northwest on the channels and seas of the main islands, and moderate easterly winds in the center of the north of the Apennine and Campania; Winds are light or moderate varying elsewhere. The seas are expected to be very rough around the main islands, rugged or very rough even in the high Tyrrhenian Mediterranean and Ligurian Gulf, the remaining basins being slightly rough or rough.

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