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We will no longer pay the Roy license fee along with the electricity bill

We will no longer pay the Roy license fee along with the electricity bill

AGI – Roy license fee will not be included in the electricity bill from 2023 onwards. The government has adopted the agenda for the Energy Order Maria Laura Paxia, who was selected with the M5s and now in the mixed band, provided by an assistant from Catania, actually asked for the two voices to be separated.

“Since July 2021 we have had to intervene – Paxia explains to AGI – because The European Union has defined television licensing as an unreasonable burden, Which is not connected to electricity consumption. Yet palazzo siki, as I have repeatedly demanded, never really worked. Given the right opportunity with the PNRR, it seeks transparency to add additional components to the energy supply to European member states.

The path is still long, The government should follow the journey on the agenda, Which was adopted with the reform (hence without passing the room vote). The controversy did not abate. “This is an electoral maneuver – writes Michael Ansaldi, IV’s aide on Facebook – in the context of the PNRR.

Anzaldi explains: “Riders today are trying to blink at tax evaders. The result is that today we pay less, but we pay everyone, and tomorrow we will return to a time when only those who pay honestly will pay more. The Renzi government reduced the tax for the first time in Roy’s history, from 113 to the current 90 euros, thanks to the bill’s. For his part, Baxia sends criticism to the sender: “Is it propaganda? In my case, I have also filed a bill to abolish the Roy license fee. Of course, if Europe had not intervened, the government would never have taken this decision.”

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