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We train the heart and lungs on a simple, invigorating walk among the sea wavesأمواج


We’re on vacation and want to indulge in more sweets and don’t know how to do among the many commitments we’ve made? There is a very relaxing and enjoyable treatment to keep you fit and beyond.

You don’t need to be an athlete or become one, and tools won’t be necessary, not to mention, not even a drop of sweat will be shed. The motto would be: Let’s train the heart and lungs with a simple walk that energizes among the sea waves.

Summer sports that everyone practices to keep fit and beyond

It is a walk among the waves of the sea. It is defined as a real sport, it is a real walk in the water, which was discovered not so long ago. It can be practiced at any age, the important thing is to know how to keep afloat and not be afraid of water.

Like other water sports like water sports or water bike for example, this gear also has great advantages for our health. Not only does it help our bodies toning by eliminating water retention and reducing cellulite, it also stimulates the lymphatic system and microcirculation.

A real remedy for everyone, caused by the friction of water with our body, which is really useful for training the heart and lungs, given the effort it takes to walk among the sea waves.

Gentle foreplay that relaxes us and makes us wash not only the legs, but also abdominal and back muscles such as the back and back muscles. An hour’s worth of healthy exercise, to do without you even realizing it, perhaps while chatting with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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We train the heart and lungs on a simple, invigorating walk among the sea wavesأمواج

Before you start walking in the water, it would be a good idea to loosen up the muscles with some stretching on the beach. In this way, sudden spasms or various twitches can be avoided.

After spending 5 minutes stretching, you can move on to walking in water where the body should be immersed in the navel. Now you have to sync up with your partner and start walking together at a brisk pace.

To avoid injury, it is recommended to use beach shoes that can protect your feet. You will avoid pebbles, rocks or even sand tracine Which has a dorsal fin made of spines that are very irritating on contact with the skin. We also recommend this read to anyone who wants it Lose weight while having fun, with the new anti-stress trend becoming popular on TikTok.

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