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We Figured Out What Space Smells Like, You'd Never Guess It

We Figured Out What Space Smells Like, You’d Never Guess It

final boundary space. Interstellar distances, void, glowing cores, desert planets, ice, stars, black holes. There must be a very strange and possibly very strong smell.

how do you know? One method, for example astronauts on the International Space Station used, is simply to smell the suits after exiting the space base and what they heard may sound surprising: a burnt steak.

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This is due to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, molecules that are spread throughout the entire universe, elements that we also find in oil, coal and some foods. After all, the universe is filled with the constant burning of massive stars.

The scent of space is so distinctive that three years ago, NASA called Stephen Pearce of fragrance maker Omega Ingredients to recreate the scent to simulate training. “We’ve been making the smell of the moon lately,” Pierce says. The astronauts compared it to spent gunpowder.

However, our system, rich in carbon and poor in oxygen, has this pungent smell, but it is not certain that there may not be other smells that can be detected anywhere else.

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