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“We evaluate buffers for arrivals from China”

“Surveillance and prevention, through sequencing, it is necessary to immediately detect new variants that are of concern and that are not currently circulating in Italy”. This is the note of the Ministry of Health announcing the Ministry’s next report on CDM.

Covid: Tests for flights from China at Fiumicino

Meanwhile, checks for flights from China have resumed at Fiumicino airport. This was reported by Lazio Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato. “Experiments will take place regularly, under the supervision of the Spallanzani Institute and with the support of the regional USCARs. We must not let our guard down, the latest news about Covid forces us to raise our attention”. The Covid testing area at the Roman airport was to be closed at the end of the year. Considering the evolution of the situation in China and the new territorial arrangements in the area located at the arrival of Terminal 3, a control unit will be active to check specific locations.

Testing in Fiumicino: positives will be isolated – Passengers arriving from and arriving at Fiumicino who test positive will be quarantined in special facilities. There are currently no Covid hotels, which have been evacuated after the emergency is over, but those who have tested positive
Temporary health facilities are still active.

1 in 2 flights from China to Malpensa are positive

Almost one in two passengers who arrived in Malpensa from China on two flights on December 26 tested positive for Covid after a non-mandatory swab prepared by the Lombardy region. “On the first flight – Guido Bertolaso, the Lombardy Regional Health Councilor explained – 35 of the 92 passengers (38%) were positive. On the second, 62 of the 120 passengers (52%) were positive”. Now “we have implemented the sequencing process – he concluded – and we will get the results from tomorrow morning”.

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Spallanzani, improve tests for arrivals from China

“Improving surveillance by antigen tests, especially for those arriving from China, and molecular characterization by sequence analysis in positive cases. Coordination of surveillance swabs would be good at European level”. This is what we read in a document from the Spallanjani Institute. “This type of intervention will help to monitor the emergence and prevent the arrival of new types – the document says – new evolutions of Omicron and new non-Omicron variants, and to prepare any selective isolation measures”.

“Today’s China problem must be dealt with immediately and with international solidarity. Some data, not so obvious, are creating fear in the international community, including science,” reads a passage from Spallanzani’s document on the “current situation.” Covid. The fear is that in a country with a high percentage of unvaccinated population where ineffective vaccines have been used that provide little population protection, such a strong exponential growth of infections could create the selection of a new variant, which would evade immunity. and transmissible”.

Objections: Information is required in the stateroom

Opposition parties in the Senate chamber asked Health Minister Horacio Shilasi to give a report on the Covid situation. Questioned by Senator Dem Beatrice Lorenz, former minister and M5s Stefano Patuanelli and Third Pole group leader Raffaella Baida. “We ask – Lorenzin said – that Minister Schilassi can be in the room on Thursday regarding the government’s actions regarding the outbreak of Covid cases in China. We ask for the understanding of the government’s actions in the alert system in Italy and Europe. “We are in the middle of the Christmas holidays, millions of people are moving across Italy and Europe. “We are concerned and want to ensure that all necessary preventive measures are implemented”.

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Hope: “Meloni’s strategy on Covid failed”

“Meloni’s strategy that covid is no more and that we can do without all vaccines appears to me to have failed. As always, reality is stronger than communication”. This was reported by Roberto Speranza, the former Minister of Health and the secretary of the article.