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"We are here to work"

“We are here to work”

During training, some fans started making fun of the defenders

Morning training session for Lazio He was interrupted by a group of fans who booed and chanted against Immaturethey are upset I will see So much so that he stopped working with the team. Some supporters, with the help of a megaphone, began to harass the medium: “Akbar, I need to go to the exit”, This is the phrase that was repeated several times, in addition to not satisfying the player, the coach of Biancoceleste did not understand. After two unheard calls, Sarri interrupted training to reach the fans who were the champions of the player’s arrows, asking to be stopped: We are here to workThe stands responded: “You work master, you work“After a few minutes, he started training again in a regular fashion.

Another unpleasant episode for Immature Which is added to what happened a few days ago: last July 10, in fact, the intervention of the main defender of Zandegiacomo was necessary to defend the middle. chorus”immature one of us“He eliminated the taunting of a small group of fans in the stands behind the goal. A great initiative to which Acerbi himself responded with more than an hour of signatures on the sidelines. Nine days later we go again.

medium weeks Lazio It ended up on the starter list. And at the conclusion of the team dinner on Sunday evening, the president Lotito And the Immature They talked to each other. The players of Biancoceleste I and the defender separated from each other for about ten minutes. Within 10 days Acerbi will decide what to do with his dealer Shepherd And if there are no suitable offers (at least Lotito asks 5 million euros) may also decide to stay a Rome. The contract will not expire before three years and Lazio does not intend to sell it, even if the possible agreement of the central couple formed by him and RomanoliAnd the It will be complicated by the fact that they are both left-handed. Even if the real problem was related to Acerbi staying in the biancocoleste, it was made difficult by the current relationship with the curve.

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