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Water polo: Italy defeated the United States.  The return of Cetabello

Water polo: Italy defeated the United States. The return of Cetabello

Tokyo – He scored 4 goals again this time and was able to recover enough to get a basic win again. Settebello is the protagonist of another great comeback at the Olympic water polo tournament: after capturing the draw against Greece in the last minute, Assouri defeated the United States 12-11 at the Tatsumi Water Polo Center in Tokyo on the third day. Lead the levels with 5 points in A and three games. The match against host Japan is scheduled for Saturday at 11.20am.

The blues begin in slow motion

Similar to the match with Helens, Italy is recovering from an A-4, this situation will come early. The film team’s race triangle with the ability to photograph in the best possible way from the start was a small error in front of Veloto (end of two extra players) and a reversal of the lead leading to an American 3-0 penalty. Even after the American poker – still being penalized – and the timeline called for by the enraged Sandro Cambagna, Cetepello begins to stick with Luango and de Fulvio, who reduce the first siren to 4-2, and then they are the drivers who score 3 and 5 goals respectively at the end of the match.

Cetabello sews every tear and puts his foot down

The alarm seems to have returned in the first minute of the second period: Assuri at -1 with a successful restart of the Presbytery. But we still have to fight, because the run-up to the American from Genoa Luca Cupido (2 goals per natural American player) and his teammates is not easy. The world champions are back in the water ($ 7-4 to play in the second half “and 8-5 at the start of the third period. As happened with the Greeks (under 6-2 at the end of the third half)), Assurri never loses his temper and raises his head equally (9 -9), with Captain Figlioli in 24’49 “minutes. The Americans are back at +2, thanks to Cetepello’s failed penalty, although Ivardi finds equal thanks again to Luango with the extra man and de Fulvio on the penalty. In the last two minutes Nicholas Presutti scored the winning goal, the only advantage of Setabello throughout the match.

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Campaign: “Slapped by a great team”

“For my heart, I asked the president to get me an extra health policy because you don’t know – coach Alessandro Kampagna jokes at the end of the game – if we slap him, we have no reaction. Initially we didn’t have much ‘Cosimma’, but today we look like a better team We walked: We played a diesel: They went forward by three goals three times, I told the boys to be patient and calm until the last because the game was long.They listened to what I had to say and played very well, very well against a very physical opponent. These calls are for waking up, but this is enough, because in a match like this we can not buy them. Our opponents know we will never give up. Now let’s think about Japan. “

Italy – United States 12-11
United States: Hooper 1, Wawick 1, Obert 2, Dube Bay 1, Manmadhan 2, Holocaust, Woodhead, Bowen 2 (1 ric.), Stevenson, Smith, Irving 2 (1 ric.), Holland. Eleanor: Udovic.
Italy: Del Lungo, de Fulvio 6 (1 Ric.), Luango 2, Figlioli 2, Presutti 2, Veloto, Rensudo Iodis, Echenic, Ficari, Botocas, Icardi, Dolce. Coach: Campaign.
Notes: Dervix (Fra) e Butch (SP).
Note: Parts 4-2, 3-3, 2-3, 2-4. Wrong range exits Bodegas (I) in the third half and Smith (U) in the fourth half.
Number superiority: USA 6/12 + 3 penalty and Italy 7/12 2 penalty. Bowen struck out the crossbar with a penalty 7’00, 9-7 in the third half; Figlioli (I) hit the crossbar for the fourth time with a 10-9 penalty at 2’13.

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