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“warned me”


Maria Monsè returns to talk about her experience to the Big Brother Vip and does a dig at Karina Cascella.

Soleil rise He was the undisputed star in the sixth edition of big brother vip. to detect a Background on the influencerStream Columnist for La Pupa and The Nerdy Showthink about it Maria Monet Who, in an interview with Vero, took the opportunity to launch one Fire on Karina Casella.

Inspiration from Maria Mons on Solly Sorge

Marya She gave a new interview to Vero in which she came back to talk about her short experience in big brother vip Detection of a unpublished wallpaper above Soleil. The ex-Jivina actually admitted that after entering the famous Cinecitta house, many competitors suffered Warned by the Italian-American influencer:

They warned me. Everyone told me to be careful, and she would target me, but to tell the truth, she was very affectionate. Why do so many say certain things about her? People like her, those with great personalities, are often seen the wrong way.

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After commenting on the new Columnist role on La Pupa and Antonella Elia’s Nerdy ShowThe forgotten Also took the opportunity to reply to Karina Casella’s criticism In his regards. According to the previous competitor of the sixth edition of Gf VIPthe woman allegedly criticized and attacked her just to get some clarity:

Yes, someone attacked me for fixing my daughter’s nose. Many attacked me just to get some exposure. Karina Casella? She lived a long time on this, and now that the software tone has faded, it’s gone.

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