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Want to hide a number from your address book?  The right solution for you

Want to hide a number from your address book? The right solution for you

To hide a number from the address book, just follow a simple procedure: In this article we explain all the steps to take to better protect your privacy and prevent the contact name from being discovered by other people.

To hide a number from your address book, just follow this simple procedure (

Although the new generation of smartphones now provides users with highly innovative features, the main features of mobile phones always remain the same and retain a certain importance. Consider, for example, the address book, where all the numbers saved on your phone are included. Thanks to the address book, we can easily find the number to call: Moreover, when the other person calls us, we will see his name appear on the smartphone screen. However, there are also some numbers that we may not want to make “visible”.

Anyone will have saved one or more numbers in their address book which they prefer to keep private for various reasons. How to avoid the risk of seeing this name appear on the phone screenThus, we reveal it to the vision of those who are with us at that moment?

Hide a number from address book: You can do it this way

The good news is that there is a feature that allows you to maintain your privacy and Hide a number from your address book without having to delete it. The solution is very simple and will allow you not to be exposed every time a call or message arrives from this number.

Just a few steps are enough to protect the identity of the number calling you (

All you have to do is take your smartphone, go to the address book and select the contact in question. Where the name is inserted we delete it, Leave the space blank. We save the contact and that’s it. This way, if the person we want to keep private contacts us, their name will not appear on our phone screen.

This is a very interesting solution and allows you to do just that Protect your privacy as best as possible And so is the other person. However, more than one user pointed out a detail that deserves clarification. This mode is excellent for privacy, but how can we look up the number in the address book if we saved it with an empty space?

Blank space instead of name: How to find the contact in the address book

Matteo Massaroli, an expert in artificial intelligence and the metaverse, left a comment below the video published on his Instagram page – where he can count on more than 338 thousand followers – to clarify this aspect. Numbers saved with space instead of name, in fact, It ends at the bottom of the column: This means that tracking them is really very simple.

If there are multiple numbers saved with an empty space, how do you understand who called? Here too the solution is the easiest: Just click on “Who called you” To see the number.

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