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Wallbox Bonus Starts at 12pm on July 8th


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Additional bonus fund starts on July 8: Call for top-up of homes and housing units begins. 20 million available, given the success of the electric car tender, and it is hoped that this will be enough. Intended for installations carried out from January 1, 2024.

Additional online wall boxWallbox Bonus from: up to €1,500 and 80% non-refundable

The notice is always posted in 2022 (for a little over 2 months). 2023 (Very low engagement) and in February 2024 to save those who They failed to submit the application. Numerically, the value of the contribution is 80% of the due expenses, but within the limits of:

  • 1,500 eurosContribution required by a natural person
  • 8,000 eurosthe contribution required by the buildings.

Additional online wall boxQualified expenses, ineligible expenses

Not only is the wall box itself funded. Below are eligible and ineligible expenses.

  1. Buy and install Charging infrastructure, including, where necessary, the costs of installing charging stations, electrical systems, essential construction work, and monitoring systems and devices;
  2. Design costsBusiness management, safety and testing;
  3. Network connection costs Electricity, by activating the new POD (Point of Delivery).

However, the following persons are not eligible for the contribution:

  1. Tax and fee expenses and charges of any kind;
  2. toAnd consulting, Except as provided in letter b) of the decree,
  3. land and buildings;
  4. Buy different services Of those stipulated in the previous decree, even if they are functional for the installation;
  5. Costs related to building permitsConstruction and operation

Additional online wall boxWarning: Hurry up. Especially in buildings.

More than one reader asked us if they could wait for the announcement. Obviously, if you haven’t purchased yet, square wall And its installation is the best to speed up the time. The tender funds the facilities starting from January 1.

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Given the boom in electric car purchases — 200 million economic bonuses evaporated in nine hours, even taking into account companies that booked more than 30% of contributions — it can be estimated that Good participation in the initiative. .

wall garage
Higher incentives

Wallbox Bonus Start. When will it end? Date still missing

In the portal section investia reference to missing Expiration date From this ad. We asked the call center that manages the information at the counter: “We still have no information.”Another fact that will encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. We have to get back to you. From 12 noon on July 8th.

For all information and forms Click on the link.

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