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Wall Street fears US GDP recession, Dow Jones falls 0.8%

Wall Street fears US GDP recession, Dow Jones falls 0.8%

Fear of the risk of recession and the most aggressive monetary tightness Ooty Wall Street indices continued to fall and began the day trading below equilibrium. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 0.6%, the S&P 500 is up 0.5% and the Nasdaq is up. With the yield, the sale on the bond side as well Treasury Goes over 3% in a decade.

Mortgage applications are down

Markets are also alerted by macroeconomic data related to this Mortgage application In the country. For the week to June 3, the demand measurement index in the United States was 288.4 points, down 6.5% from 303.3 in the previous week. The Mortgage Bankers Association announced that the refinancing index was down 5.6% to 709.5 points (751.6 points from the previous week), while the buying index was down 20.1.2 points, up 7.1% from the previous 224.1 points.

Fear of recession, focus on the central bank

The highlight of the coming weeks will be the scheduled central bank meeting on June 15, during which the central bank will announce the next monetary policy moves. The Rate increaseWhat was announced at the last meeting should be confirmed: the question that investors are looking at, the economy …;

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