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Volleyball, women's A1 final: Egono scores, Congliano goes 1-0

Volleyball, women’s A1 final: Egono scores, Congliano goes 1-0

The reverse scores 47 points, beating his pointing record and pushing Imoco to beat the indomitable Novara. Race -2 on Tuesday in Piedmont

Conigliano Novara 3-2 (23-25, 40-38, 26-24, 23-25, 15-9)

In the end it ends as expected with Imoco taking the point and can go on Tuesday to close Novara’s Scudetto speech. But behind this match is one of the most beautiful matches in Italian volleyball history. Novara played nicely, but Imoco finally had an extra igono (able to score 47 points, the new record for the Italian championship after 5 years). Conegliano begins to climb right away, presenting himself to this final with baggage of 61 successive victories and the last defeat in December 2019.

Free head

But Novara, his coach Lavarini said, appeared on the field with a clear head and without awe. In fact, when he’s thanks to good racket spin and perfect defense above 19-14, his head is loose. And he does not lose his clarity even as Conegliano swings by Egonu (11 points, 58% in attack) and is back up to 19 points. Still with Hancock in the bat, digging a breather then Bosetti (best with absolute Daalderop, 7 points). Novara also unleashed in the second set: at the two extreme points of the distance between the two teams, Santarelli had to put his hand on the bench with Adams replacing Scela. Wolosz tries to change the game as much as possible not only to have Egonu as the attack station, but to keep the group balanced (19-19). This is the cutest whole season kit with Novara your must-have hands and also Chirichella braids. 9 (nine) set pieces are canceled with at least two unexploited free balls and in Group G the group ball seals the way to the very generous Bosetti. A pure scene even in the third set when Novara not only collapses after missed opportunities in the previous set, but raises his head as well. He also runs in this part, while Santarelli plays all the cards he can. Igor believes it as hard as I can: he crosses 3 points, Katrina Bossetti is everywhere and Smrzyk does amazing things and makes very few mistakes. Novara still has two set balls: but this time it is Sela who closes the road and scores 2-1. However, Novara does not give up and starts attacking even in the fourth set. Igor’s joke hurts and Imoco disappears again: 21-17 Igor. Conegliano makes a comeback, clinging to Egonu. Ace Fahr (23-22) set fire to the group. Before Daalderop’s attack that split Conegliano’s wall nail: 2-2. Novara is still more attached to the match than ever before. Imoco breaks, and Igor comes back up. Before Egonu Fire. Race 2 can decide the title on Tuesday in Piedmont.

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