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Vodafone Open: The new service arrives to experience the offers without restrictions

Vodafone Open: The new service arrives to experience the offers without restrictions

Giuseppe Tripodi

Vodafone Open allows customers to try the offers without restrictions, while retaining the freedom to change their mind at no additional cost

Vodafone just announced open, a new program that allows you to test the operator’s offerings for a trial period without restrictions, and then choose whether to keep the contract or switch to another operator at no additional cost (and in the mobile environment, Also receive the refund of expenses incurred).

Vodafone Open is divided into several services:

  • Vodafone Family Plan, a new converged offering to combine fiber and mobile for the whole family in one option with no restrictions and no additional costs, browsing with maximum performance at home – with GigaNetwork Fibra up to 2.5 Gbps download and 500 Mbps upload, and away from home with up to speed GigaNetwork 5G to 2Gbps in download and 200Mbps in upload. Even with all other fixed network offerings, there will be no restrictions and customers will be free to cancel at any time without additional costs;
  • Mobile phone: New customers who decide to switch to Vodafone will be able to try the offer for 30 days, and if they are not satisfied and decide to switch to another operator, they will be able to do so without restrictions, and request reimbursement of the costs incurred for testing;
  • With Vodafone Casa Wireless you can experience the network FWA For a period of 3 months with the freedom to decide to keep it or cancel it at no additional cost.
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Moreover, those who are already Vodafone customers can choose to try one of the operator’s best offers for free for one month, such as Infinito Offers, Digital Privacy & Security, Happy Black and 5G.

Finally, Vodafone Open also works with smartphones purchased with financing: in the event of a change of operator, there are no restrictions or fines, but only the remaining installments to pay for the cost of the device.