Sunday, July 21, 2024

Virgin Galactic is ready to take customers into space


a company Richard Branson Declared that it has been licensed by Federal Aviation Administration, the last hurdle in a multi-year effort Virgo Galaxy to send passengers short space travel.

The company works on others Three test flights In space, before the ship’s doors open to paying customers. original plans In fact, they expected the company’s engineers to be the first to leave to evaluate the equipment, followed by a trip with Branson himself Finally a scientific mission by Italian Air Force officers.

Meanwhile too Jeff Bezos, with her blue origin, has announced plans to launch its own rocket into space, as speculation grows about how Brason He was bent on outsmarting the owner of Amazon at space tourism race.

unlike Fully automated capsules From blue origin e SpaceX, launched from the ground through reusable rockets, The Virgo Galaxy Uses a winged vehicle, with two pilots, took off from the belly of an airplane.

I have announced Michael ColglazerThe CEO of the company:The FAA’s approval of our commercial launch license, along with the success of the test flight, gives us confidence as we move onto our first fully manned flight.“.

More than 600 people They’ve already booked a space flight. With the cost of tickets 250 thousand dollars, but it will definitely increase once Virgo Galaxy He will have completed the first flights and opened a New bookings.

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