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I commenti dei VIP su Luca Salatino e Wilma Goich

VIP Comments on Luca Salatino and Wilma Goich – Big Brother VIP

john And the Patrizia They believe that disagreements often feed unnecessarily at home. Mostly for trivial matters, for cleaning, for the kitchen.

also Jijia Agrees with the opinion of competitors. different is thought Christina And the Alberto. No weeds, no blazing fires. There may be discussions, but it may be due to coexistence.

However, Giovanni believes that there are very incorrect behaviors. Alberto says “Maybe there are a lot of people who want to become teachers”.

Then Patrizia reflects on the early days and the diversity of the air that circulated in the house, and when Luca He was cooking and he was quiet. Sometimes, however, the competitor easily overheats, and in the opinion of the dignitaries, Charlie Feed the boy.

The group noticed the confrontation with Wilma In some respects, they agree in judging the behavior of each of the competitors as excessive.

Alberto believes that contestants should consider each other’s personalities and their differences; But Patrizia noticed that with Wilma entering, things changed. Luca may feel challenged, but his reactions may be excessive.

On the other hand, there is a collaboration between Luca and Giovanni in the kitchen, as opposed to the relationship that exists in the kitchen with other competitors.

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