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Vip Big Brother, Alessandra Mussolini's New Official Rival?  Here's what happens

Vip Big Brother, Alessandra Mussolini’s New Official Rival? Here’s what happens

Alessandra Mussolini, after her experience on Tale and Which Show, is she preparing to cross the red door of the Big Brother Vip house? talk to her.

in home Big Brother VIP There is always room for new rivals, especially when they are able to overturn the structure of the most spied house in Italy, leading to discussions or the birth of passionate love stories. It is also close to Cinecittà Alessandra Mussolini After participating in That and that appear?

Big brother, Alessandra Mussolini in the cast?

there Seventh edition of Big Brother Vip The risk of being involved in a scandal is hard to forget, but thanks to the arrival of new rivals who have fueled the web with new controversies, the situation seems to have resolved itself and Alfonso Signorini He was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Ratings are back to being high, especially thanks to the introduction of new characters like Oriana Marzoli, rage against Micol Encorviawho knows very well how to animate a reality show after he has already participated many times in shows around the world.

It is rumored that the seventh edition of Gf Vip will arrive until the end of March, then give way to L’Isola dei Famosi hosted by Ilary Blasiwhich returns to the helm of the prime time programme Channel 5 Doesn’t care about differences. For this reason, new competitors are expected to arrive at Cinecittà, played in time by the skilled curator Gentlemen, to continue providing the audience with a dynamic version of his program. Among the new proposals there will also be Alessandra Mussolini?

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She was the granddaughter of Sophia Loren, the heroine of the new version of DrThat and that appear, albeit with some reluctance, but would you also be willing to do it in Signorini? Interview by New TV, Alexandra She let us know that she would never walk through a red door, is not willing to change her habits on the show and tends to be antisocial, which is totally at odds with the show’s forced climate of participation.

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