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Violent attack on Kyiv and power outages in the Ukrainian capital: "Several areas without water".

Violent attack on Kyiv and power outages in the Ukrainian capital: “Several areas without water”.

Many critical infrastructures were affected a KyivAfter several Russian bombings that began in the early hours of the day, October 31. According to the mayor Vitali KlitschkoThe attacks left 80% of Kyiv users without water and cut off electricity to 350,000 homes. The Ukrainian military said that only in this latest raid, Russian forces launched 50 missiles. Prime Minister Dennis Schmihal He denounced the “drone” attacks on “10 regions”. And he continues, in seven regions, “hundreds of settlements” have suffered power outages. An air alert was launched over the whole country, where it was hit in several raids in the Kyiv region, Vinnytsia And the KharkivWhere the mayor denounced the attacks on some infrastructure. According to what was confirmed by journalists from the news agency AfpSeveral explosions were heard in the early hours of the day in the Ukrainian capital, as air defenses managed to repel Russian attacks, according to the Kyiv authorities. Five explosions could have occurred between 7 and 7.20 in Italy. according to Ukrainska Pravdawill also hit Russian raids ZaporizhiaThere will be new power outages across the city. Ukraine’s president’s office, according to reports backdenounced that “emergency power outages” are occurring across the country due to damage to vital infrastructure. Kirillo TymoshenkoAnd the deputy head of the Ukrainian presidency stated that “the Russian terrorists once again launched an intense attack on electrical installations in several Ukrainian regions.”

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