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Villarreal-Real Madrid, blue encounter with former hug: It happened in the pre-match

Pepper Queen And Raoul Albiol They were the heroes of the day with Villarrealin the exact championship game vs Real Madrid to Charles Ancelotti.

Before the match, there was a meeting in the tunnel of the “Stadio della Ceramica” that would lead to the pitch, in the match they then won Albiol and colleagues.

Raoul Albiol which was much needed Charles Ancelotti for another year in Naples, before the farewell previously declared to the Spaniards, with the desire to return to Spain. A conversation with smiles and strong hugs between the two, just before the challenge as “opponents”, immortalized in vivid images, just before the match begins. Memories of the Azzurri, considering that Albiol’s presence in Madrid never witnessed the intersecting fate of the same coach who would later attend him in Naples, in his experience with Vesuvius. Immediately, Image of hugs between Albiol and Carlo Ancelotti.

Albiol and Ancelotti

Villarreal, hug and victory: Ancelotti defeated, Albiol and Reina triumphed

The victory of the former Azzurri players, Albiol And Queenat the expense of Charles Ancelotti Born in Real Madrid. Winning with two goals to one from the Yellow Submarine, Jeremi Pino and Gerard Moreno scored, while Benzema scored the momentary equalizer.

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