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Video explaining why enemies react instantly when healed -

Video explaining why enemies react instantly when healed –

prolific data factor for Souls chain, Witch Zulireleased a new video addressing a somewhat controversial aspect of the Elden Ring and how it tackled the difficulty: Mel enemies to me To answer For certain actions (such as using a healing flask) almost immediately. This type of action is referred to by fans as “reading input”.

How does that happen? The term “read input” implies that the AI ​​can detect keystrokes, but Zullie’s findings show that the Elden Ring’s enemy AI can monitor the motion of your movements in the game. He is able to “see” that your character is doing a known action, such as raising the flask, and react accordingly. Less well-known procedures, such as the use of some other therapeutic agents, have not been recognized instead.

Elden Ring’s enemy AI will use a similar feature to detect and dodge projectile spells. Zullie illustrates this last point by showing her boss who dodges even when she casts her spells away from him.

In short, enemies are programmed in such a way that they do not stand idly by to take magical blows in the face and not give us much room to heal. easy example Margit, that if he notices that we are recovering, he throws knives of light. This is unfair? Anyone can give their own answer, but remember that these attacks are usually avoided: Margit knives can be avoided simply by zigzagging while healing. If you are at a sufficient distance, you will not suffer any damage. The goal, then, is to encourage the player not to panic and only heal when they can.

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