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Video comparison of Xbox Series X editions |  S and Xbox One -

Video comparison of Xbox Series X editions | S and Xbox One –

YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits has released a new channel Video Who compares versions Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One X, Xbox One subordinate Beta from Halo InfiniteView the graphical improvements 343 Industries made during the previous testing phase.

The game’s first multiplayer technical preview took place in July, showing the solid performance of almost all of Redmond’s home consoles, with the exception of the Xbox One. The new beta version of Halo Infinite, as we learned from the video, shows significant improvements for all versions.

Here is a summary of the results of the ElAnalistaDeBits analysis:

  • The Xbox Series S Technical Preview does not have a 120fps performance mode (as it did in the previous beta), but it will likely be added again in the future.
  • On the contrary, this mode has been added on the Xbox One X and allows you to play at 60 frames per second with a dynamic resolution of 1440p.
  • Significantly improved frame rate from the previous beta for all versions.
  • Quality mode for Series X and One X features high-quality shadows, anisotropic filtering, and drawing distance.
  • ElAnalistaDeBits praises the quality of some fixtures on all platforms, and it’s the most visible detail on the Series X and One X as they can benefit from higher resolutions.
  • The reflections were created using SSR (excluding Xbox One) and cubemap.
  • There are still some graphic errors in the interface.
  • Load times are six times faster on Xbox Series X | S.

Obviously, there are still several months left until the launch of Halo Infinite, which will be available on consoles and PC from December 8th, so the 343 Industries tech segment could do much better in the future. Meanwhile, some beta players have reported bugs that allow you to throw punches in bursts and generate endless cues.

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