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Via CNN correspondent and the first “fatwa”. The new path of the Taliban


L ‘Afghanistan He wakes up to the sixth day of a new regime with the harshest forms of the new Taliban path. Not a day goes by in the country without news of executions and personal revenge by the Taliban. The protests that began to erupt in different cities are filled with bloody events as Taliban police shot a man at the height at the first sign of rising tension. There are the first victims between Jalalabad and Asadabad.

Civilians keep trying to flee

In these hours, in the capital, Kabul, an attempt to escape was throughairport. Hundreds crowded the entrances to the airport, hoping to find a flight. The evacuation of nationals of countries that close their embassies continues with moments of great tension: this is witnessed in the videos circulating on the Internet at these hours with British and American soldiers forced to resist the crowd with difficulty.

also via journalist CNN

The trip from Afghanistan also included journalists. After searching for a reporter German wave He ended up killing a loved one, and he left the country today too Clarissa WardReporter CNN She became known to the world for her account of the fall of Kabul and her picture wrapped in a black veil to avoid trouble with the Taliban militia. And the last report from the airport showed that the reporter confronted the militia members who asked her to cover her face and turn off the camera, while threatening to hit the operator of her crew.

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System change can also be clearly seen through what is happening in universities. According to Khama News Agency, the Taliban ordered the “first fatwa” with Prohibition of mixed classes at universities in western Afghanistan. According to the first information that leaked from Herat province, the Taliban have met with professors and owners of private universities in the region and ordered that there should be no mixed classes. The protest of teachers and owners of private schools did not help. It also shows the importance of the control of the “Quran students” over the universities, who chose in Kabul to seize the university as soon as they entered the capital.

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Il mullah Baradar a Kabul?

The Taliban leader was on the ground Mullah Abdul Ghani Bardar. He is the man who led the talks with the United States until the Doha Agreement in 2020. He will, according to many observers, be the first leader of the Islamic Emirate. News of Baradar’s arrival, which reached Pajhwok Agency from an unknown militia source, may indicate the start of negotiations in Kabul to form the new government. The mullah arrives from Kandahar, the Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan, where he returned on August 17 with a flight that arrived directly from Qatar.


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