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Very cold air comes in, and the obstructed front will bring chips to a lower elevation

Very cold air comes in, and the obstructed front will bring chips to a lower elevation

The mercury column is ready to drop dramatically in many of our regions thanks to the entry of a very cold air mass from central Europe. This cold current, from arctic-continental, is recalled by the low-pressure vortex that has developed in the Mediterranean Sea in the past 36 hours and that has caused so much bad weather over much of the peninsula.

The cold is currently prevalent in the northern regions, while we still find high temperatures elsewhere (even above 16-17°C in the south).
In particular, the largest thermal dip occurs where the depression-covering front runs, or the typical “return” where the hot front and cold front intersect.

This return results in rain over much of the northeast, while snow falls at higher elevations 500-600 meters.

As the hours go by, especially between the late afternoon and evening, the snow level will gradually decrease until it reaches somewhere nearby 150-200 meters in Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. Some chips also left in Friuli Venezia Giulia up the low hills. Meanwhile, snowflakes will come down from the hill in March, Umbria and the Abruzzo-Apennines (at nightfall).

However, these phenomena will gradually become weaker as the front will gradually tilt towards the south. In short, it would be the usual final snowfall of a bad weather episode. From tonight, in fact, the weather will improve throughout the Northeast, while the cold will become more severe.

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