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Verstappen also stays ahead in FP2, pushing Leclerc behind

Verstappen also stays ahead in FP2, pushing Leclerc behind

The Dutchman asserts himself as the fastest in the Canadian Friday, Ferrari keeps pace with him and leads him

The Canadian GP’s second free practice session also bears the signature the above Verstappen. After completing the first free sessions in the lead, in the afternoon in Montreal, the Dutchman repeated himself closing in on all at 1:14.127. Well also the Ferrari you pay with Charles LeclercAnd it ranked second in the chronometer with a delay of only 81 parts of a thousand Carlos Sains A third to twenty. Surprise “old people” Vettel And the AlonsoWhich concluded the session the fourth and fifth times.

As already happened in the first session, also in the Canadian afternoon the above Verstappen He asserts himself as the fastest on the Montreal track, setting the pace with his Red Bull team wanting to experience the decisive break from a World Cup perspective. This time, compared to the first training window, the Dutchman finds himself melted by Ferrari Charles Leclerc The one who returns to push and chase the Dutchman is only 81 milliseconds behind. After experimenting with race speed in anticipation of a possible penalty for the turbo change, Monaco sprints into the Canadian afternoon with no spare. The data will only tell whether it is appropriate to continue with this setup or go with the replacement which, however, would, as expected, cost 10 sites on the net at number 16 of the galloping horse.

Instead, continue in her program of work Carlos Sains, who closes with another F1-75 for the third time behind his box-mate and Verstappen himself. Behind the Iberian, then, are two quick surprises. The “old man”, in fact, rises to the chair and shows everyone their desire to do and impress them. Sebastian Vettel And the Fernando Alonso They closed on Friday with the fourth and fifth fastest time, less than half a second behind leader Verstappen, confirming he is still in good shape given Sunday’s race.

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Behind the Aston Martin and Alpine is the Alpha Tauri di flirtatiousmercedes contacttwo McLaren Norris And the Ricardo and other Alps or with. tiring session for PerezIncredibly 11 ahead of Stroll, as well Hamilton Which concludes with the thirteenth time again experiencing a porpoise.