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Vatican, trial for fraud, Pique speaks: "I hosted Marugna because he did not want to go to a hotel for fear of Covid"

Vatican, trial for fraud, Pique speaks: “I hosted Marugna because he did not want to go to a hotel for fear of Covid”

Vatican City – “The stress of this process has affected my memory a lot.” The Cardinal said so Angelo PicchioRiver’s interrogation before the Vatican Court as part of the trial over the financial scandal linked to the sale of the London Building on Sloane Street. Today the Cardinal gave his copy, among other things, also of the former Sardinian director Cecilia Marugna. In particular, in connection with her last night’s stay in the house, he stated in the indictment papers: “I am a loyal reader of Manzoni – told the magistrates – remember Fra Cristoforo who welcomes Lucia into the monastery and responds to disputes Omnia Munda Mundis? She came to me in the evening, and we had to talk. It is late. When he was leaving the nuns who were helping me at home they told me: ‘The lady is afraid to go to the hotel because there is covid. Can we harbor it? I said yes. I found her the next morning at breakfast and left. It went like this.”

Today’s court session lasted eight hours. This is the fifteenth session to be held with the second part of the Sardinian Cardinal’s interrogation. Initially Becciu He wanted to make clear that he had no part in the resignation of the Vatican’s Auditor General, Libero Meloni, on June 19, 2017. Last time, on this matter, Becciu He used force not to respond “to protect the Holy Father”.

“These days I asked the Pope if I could speak freely and he answered yes—and then informed me—. So I want to make briefly clear what I know. I have no responsibility for Dr. Mellon’s resignation. I have only been given to the rank of Holy Father.” The Pope called me – and he continued -: ‘Your Excellency, I ask you to call Dr.
Mellon and told him that he no longer had the Holy Father’s trust and that he had to resign. I called Mellon himself in the morning and informed him of the Pope’s decision, the reasons were those that were written in the statement of September 24, 2017 after Mellon’s statements to the press. In short, Mellon, “beyond his powers, unlawfully hired an outside company to carry out investigative activities in the private lives of supporters of the Holy See.” I strongly repeat that I had no part in the Holy Father’s decision.”

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Becciupart of which was shown at the press conference held on September 25, 2020 in the hall, following the shock hearing that Pope Francis deprived him of his office in Korea and the rights of the cardinal, and had to answer Pg regarding a series of documents in records relating to the management of money, To which, however, he admitted the need for great effort, he often replied “I don’t remember.”

“It was the administrative office (the office of Monsignor Alberto Berlasca and Fabrizio Terrapasi) that prepared the files for me and I settled for the visit – I explained the previous variant of public affairs – and the office had to show me the pros and cons. It had the moral obligation not to make the president difficult. The task also was not to make the president seem bad. And if they offered me something useful, I signed it. Their job was to facilitate the decision of the replacement.”

The atmosphere in the classroom was very tense, with frequent bickering between the defenses and the impeachment and a necessity on the part of President Giuseppe Bignaton to stop the controversy. In addition to the London Palace, Becciu Speaking of relations with the Diocese of Osierre, of the alleged “misleading guidance” to which the proposal drafted by third parties on the purchase of the London building is contested (“I talked about it with Professor Gian Piero Milano, I told him that there is this offer, a fund that wants to propose itself for this building .

At the start of the hearing, Pignatone read the decree by which he partly refused and partly accepted the defenses’ exceptions to the civil suit of lead witness Alberto Perlasca, who only admitted against the card. Becciu for the crime of “witness allegation” and instead dismissed the co-defendants Tirapasi, Torzi, Krasso and Squeillas for fraud for having, he said, “misled” in signing the ruling that left Torzi the thousand shares with voting rights and thus control of the Sloane Avenue building.

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