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Vannachi criticizes gay pride ‘showcase’ – News

Vannachi criticizes gay pride ‘showcase’ – News

“I blame the exhibition luxury of this taste, which often ignores what is the common sense of the majority. Gays are demanding rights, but this also needs to be discussed, rights for gays, for people with dark hair, for people with blue eyes. People have rights,” said Roberto Vannacci, who interviewed for Antigone.

During the interview, Vannachi spoke about the controversy surrounding this designation as a distinguished unit, I recognize the qualities of courage, contempt for risk, recklessness, determination We had the opportunity to consider another X Mass coming after September 8th. Perception is like staying in my brain and understanding what my thoughts are.”

“If they want to continue to compete in this matter – he underlined – let them do so. I am one of the few who did not retreat an inch from what he said, but why does no one believe. After all, I do not want to. Leave room for the absurd distortions of someone who wants to erase some names who want to rewrite history, this “Rejects the word ‘comrade’ and instead describes the relationship of feelings, the bond that is created between people who share. We cannot deny that someone used this word, I use it and will continue to use it,” says the League MEP.

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