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Valve responds brutally to calls to ban Team Fortress 2


After years of silence… Valve has begun banning thousands of players from Team Fortress 2 for using bots And so on. In addition, a page has been opened for those wishing to appeal the measures taken and requests for appeal therein He responds in a really brutal way.

For years, the Team Fortress 2 community has been asking Valve to intervene against the influx of bots into the game’s servers, which have been disrupting the experience for legitimate players as they invade games, instantly kill anyone who gets within range, kick players off servers, spread hate messages, and even launch DDoS attacks. Now they’ve started doing just that. Rain down the banwhere Valve purges the accounts of perpetrators, often banning them within hours of creating them.

The end of robots?

Of course, you can ask Valve for information about it and report any bugs. However, in most cases, Newell and his partners decided to do so. Don’t waste time with player complaints.also because they were often filled with resentment, and began to respond with “no” to various requests.

The bot issue in Team Fortress 2 has gotten so bad that it has caused quite a stir in the game’s reviews. Now things seem to be changing. Valve has chosen not to communicate with these miscreants, and has limited itself to refusing any response to their requests.

In fact, a ban cannot be appealed. You cannot transfer Team Fortress 2 items to another account and you cannot even find out the reason for the ban itself. Steam seems to be very harsh in this regard. Even those who appeal the fact that they were banned despite not being in the game are burned by customer service: “No. Regardless of who was using the account at the time of the ban, the game ban is permanent and will not be removed.”

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probably Valve’s approach to these underprivileged people is the best it can be.After all, why waste time arguing with people whose sole purpose is to spoil other people’s fun for their own gain? The community is reacting well to the software house’s move, also because it is now possible to play without encountering bots.

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