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Valmontone, the spacesuit of astronaut Luca Palmisano at MagicLand

Valmontone, the spacesuit of astronaut Luca Palmisano at MagicLand

In MagicLand, the largest amusement park in central and southern Italy, there is a growing desire to enjoy discovering new worlds. The Cosmo Academy Planetarium, one of Europe’s largest planetariums with an unusual 25-meter dome, has been revamped by presenting three new immersive Voldome videos this season, thanks to which visitors can Traveling across the solar system With its moons, discover the secrets of the birth of the universe and get lost in the starry sky, and learn while having fun. The perfect combination for an unforgettable experience on the edge of the universe.

To make these flights even more extraordinary, big news: In the lobby of the Cosmo Academy’s Planetarium, there will be an honest life-size (1:1 scale) reproduction of the Italian spacesuit of Italian (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmesan.

The EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Module) suit was worn during the ESA Beyond mission – 2019/2020 – on the International Space Station during the astronaut’s extravehicular (“spacewalk”) activities.

A unique being, capable of making young aspiring space explorers dream.

The wonderful journey to the edge of the universe passes under the largest dome in Europe.

a immersive journeyAn exceptional and engaging experience thanks to six brand new 4K laser projectors very high accuracy Which in addition to showing videos and photos from the best research centers in the world, this year Three new movies: “Lune Bizzarre”, an amazing tour of the exploration of the solar system, “Once upon a time there was a Big Bang”, the wonderful birth of the universe and “Australis”, an amazing journey between the stars.

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“It is a great honor for us to host a replica of the Luca Parmitano suit and to be a part of this amazing project with ESA, to bring young and old to the wonders of space,” said Guido Zucchi, CEO of MagicLand. “We are working hard to be able to open an innovative academy dedicated to the mysteries of space very soon: Cosmo Academy, A structure of more than three thousand square meters is born around the already existing planetarium, which already hosts a clone of the Parmitano suit, which tells the story of how humanity, thanks to the International Space Station, is preparing to reach the Moon and Mars . First experience of what the flight will be like inside Cosmo Academy.”