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Valerio Scano: Is the singer engaged?  Acknowledgment of love and picnic

Valerio Scano: Is the singer engaged? Acknowledgment of love and picnic

We all know Valerio Scano For being a famous singer who reached the highest level of popularity during dFriends of Maria de Filippi. Then after leaving the most sought after school in Italy, Valerio was able to achieve extraordinary success by also participatingSanremo Festival. But it doesn’t end here because over the years he has also participated in some TV shows comThe famous island. She was able to prove to the public that she is a versatile artist who is ready to test herself. But what do we actually know about his private life and especially his love life?

Is Valerio Scanno engaged?

Apparently Valerio Scanno gave an interview to Diva and Donna Revealing his engagement and above all happy. “I have been engaged and peaceful for two years. But that, on the subject, is everything. I won’t have a name or a picnic, as if it were the only thing that interests you.” these were The words proclaimed by Valerio Scano In the course of this interview it was not specified if he was in fact gay as it was rumored for some time. One thing for sure is that Valerio is engaged and is happy and calm. We don’t know if it was a woman or a man.

Chihuahua’s great love for him

However, in Valerio’s life, there is also another great love that is his Chihuahua cHe also went with him to Sanremo. “It is very important to be able to share this important moment with the people who love me. In fact, all my furry children, the ten Chihuahuas, Miranda and her nine children, will come with me. They will have a room reserved with their groomer, Mariana, and when they come back they will all be in Latvia is with me. My parents who will attend my performance in the theater will not be absent.” These are still the words he pronounced some time ago.

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Who is Valerio?

We also know about him as a special personality and a singer with a lot of talent. He was born in La Maddalena in the province of Sassari on April 10, 1990 under the sign of Aries. He started taking his first steps in the year 2000 by participating in some TV shows like Very good bravo by Mike Bonjorno And then the great success aD friends of Maria de Filippi In 2008 she came in second place. It is an online newspaper also certified by Google News. To receive our updates and stay informed about it, please follow us on our updates The official Google News profile