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Valeria Marini accuses Sully Sorge of “You pushed me!” / A brawl broke out, it’s a brawl!


Valeria Marini’s accusations of Sully: “She pushed me and shut the door!”

Day by day, the tension in the house is rising Big Brother VIP. The final battle includes, needless to say, Soleil rise (Former protagonist of Do not forget quarrels) and so personal here, Valeria Marini. After a group invitation in the sect with Paro JaitaniAnd Manila NazaroteAnd Janmaria Antinolfi e Katia RicciarelliAccording to the former model, Sully Sorge literally pushed her out to get her out of the group moment. Valeria Marini accused her and from there: open heaven. The Italian-American responded by raising the stakes: “Let’s make this clear right away, Valeria. No, no, no, damn it. Because nobody talks to me that way. Because I didn’t kick you out of confession.” And the girl answered:You pushed me and closed the door“.But it does not stop there.

Solly Sorge loses his temper: “Stop, tell someone else!”

What seemed like a misunderstanding, as it often happens inside the house big brother vipIt turned into a real confrontation. Ansar Soleil rise e Valeria Marini, which after placing hatchets with Natalie Caldonazzo He seems unable to avoid controversies (especially if it is filtering). After exchanging accusationsimpact And he commented, “But recover. And who are you telling? I mean, the hair on your head now who gave it to you? All the kindness I gave you? Yes, well, the syllables are not. Yes, I realized. Because it was a moment for Katya. You were already rude in your desire to Entering when Katya didn’t call you. I didn’t enter either. Had his recognition. And I don’t think I really like her? what do you say? But even less… Katya, do you remember when I was there and she told me to call Manila? “.

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Valeria Marini is not there and accuses her renting partner of always wanting to be the center of attention and then tells her “But get over it!” , Unleash Sulli Sorge’s Fury: Someone else, I’m talking to Katya right now. No, you were talking about this. Then you do not remember. He turned to me… and I’m answering this thing here. so or You are talking nonsense Or if you speak you speak with feeling and one can answer you. I will answer you if you talk to me. Compared to Katya… then she’ll do it all again tomorrow, not now to make the drama.” A new rough exchange of words will certainly not leave indifferent Alfonso Signorini: a new episode of big brother vip We are sure that there will be a way to deepen the dispute.

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