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Vaccine, discontinued among teachers for the past seven days.  Few of the first doses even among 60-year-olds: in just one month 186,861 out of 1.4 million "discovered"

Vaccine, discontinued among teachers for the past seven days. Few of the first doses even among 60-year-olds: in just one month 186,861 out of 1.4 million “discovered”

the vaccination campaign Does not fit into the most vulnerable areas and does not fly between them school workers, which may find itself with commitment green lane in reopening schools. The government’s latest weekly report pictures a case of slow management first doses within above 50 and big Procrastination between teachers and ATA staff.

As in recent weeks, the rhythms—due to increasingly less convincing adhesion in some segments of the population—are essentially snails. And without a click, it is expected with a file input green certificate, will reach 2022 Before covering all people over 50 who have not been able (or wanted) to get vaccinated yet, i.e. 4,641,302 people. The data is clear from the school staff: according to the schedules of the commissioner’s structure led by General Francesco Vigliolo stay for vaccination 220,605 people, 15.06%. On July 23, they were 222.132.

In short, in the past seven days, they have hardly been vaccinated 1500 first dose. In 11 regions, there are at least 10% of unvaccinated professors and ATA staff, with Sicily Always a leader with his own 60.001 Without the first dose equal to 42.86% From “school students”. It should be noted that some areas are located in delay With the update of the total number of people who will be vaccinated in this category, so the data for the past few weeks are rather “dancers” in the totals (on July 2, there were fewer people being vaccinated than last week).

The campaign among those over 60 is also tiring, with the usual slow progress Age group 60-69 years, most worrisome from the point of view of the unvaccinated in absolute terms. within above 80 still missing 309435 people (There were 319,369 on July 23) or 6.79% of the population. The area with the lowest fortification is always Sicily, where one is detected over 80 out of five. In the category 70-79enniOn the other hand, they didn’t even receive a dose of the vaccine 685.892That’s about 27,000 fewer than last Friday, when the number was 71,124.

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The numbers are much smaller than those of the 60s: still uncovered 1,271.763 of people between the ages of 60 and 69, which equates to 16.84% of the population in that age group. A week ago they were 1.327.306. In other words, they received a dose of the vaccine between July 23 and 30 in 55,543. On July 2, four weeks ago, the number was 1,458,624. Calculation Coming Soon: Reached in 1 Month 186.861 Persons. With these rhythms, an injection of a first dose may be required for all 60-year-old “discovered” people More than 6 months.

A slightly better, but still insufficient, pace was recorded among the 50-year-olds. Accessed last week 0.99% Of the total population in this age group of more than 9.6 million. The first administrations were from Friday 23 to today 95.480. He is thus coming down from 2,469,692 Unvaccinated (25.59%) y 2,374.212, Equal 24.60%. Without acceleration, even in this range, there will be 6 months left before a dose of the vaccine can be given to everyone.