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Vaccine and tobacco eliminate covid?  "Transformation in a Month" Exciting Research - Libero Quotidiano

Vaccine and tobacco eliminate covid? “Transformation in a Month” Exciting Research – Libero Quotidiano

it will be Tobacco leaves to win covid? This news comes from Thailand, where a group of scientists is developing a file plant vaccine Folding variant of the dreaded Omicron. Testing of the serum, which uses tobacco leaves, was discovered to have begun as early as 2020, but human testing is scheduled for spring 2022.

as he explains ProphetThe researchers argue that the speed at which this leaf grows means it could be Transformed from a seed to a vaccine in one month And technology is highly adaptable.”

asked by Sky News, the professor Suthera Taishakhonavodh, Managing Director of Baiya Phytopharm. And he explained: “It takes Only 10 days to produce a prototype and no more than three weeks to test whether this prototype works or notAnd again: “For example, now, we are already working on the Omicron strains. We have the prototype and we are testing it now. “

Tobacco leaves are used as a “host” to produce proteins that mimic the behavior of Covid. And again, the papers They are mixed and extracted the protein. When the resulting vaccine is injected into humans, it stimulates antibodies that our bodies can use to fight Covid in the future – the possible evolutions and mutations of the virus.

But not only: “Covid-19 won’t be the last, right? There will be many more Emerging diseases and whether we can improve ourselves The vaccine, then we will not have to rely on vaccines from other countries,”

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