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Vacation Bonus on Pre-filled Form 730/2021: How to Verify Data

Vacation Bonus on Pre-filled Form 730/2021: How to Verify Data

Vacation Bonus on Pre-filled Form 730/2021: Those who used the deduction from July 1 to December 31, 2020 will already find the deduction indicated on their ready-to-use tax return. Instructions from the Revenue Agency to verify the correctness of the data and to indicate the revenue in case of improper use.

who used Eid reward From July 1 to December 31, 2020 you will find in Pre-filled form 730/2021 Already referred to 20% off who is entitled to.

I Families with ISEE not exceeding 40,000 eurosThe beneficiaries of the facility actually benefit from it in two different moments:

  • at the time of Accommodation payment, get one Discount on services equal to 80% of the total value of the benefit which can be up to a maximum of 500 euros for families of three or more people;
  • with the Tax return related to the year they used the receipt arrive to The remaining share is 20 percent (or 20 percent of the stay amount if this is less than the maximum amount of the concession recognized), in the form of Deduction from the total tax.
holiday bonus a family Amount (80% off + 20% off)
More than three people 500 EUR
two people 300 EUR
Person 150 EUR

instructions for Check the data entered by the Revenue Agency Proceed to return in case of improper use.

Vacation Bonus on Pre-filled Form 730/2021: How to Verify Data

taxpayers who From summer to winter last year use the Eid reward, still available until the end of the year for those who ordered it by the end of 2020, search for The tax deduction has already been indicated which they are entitled to receive on their pre-filled form 730/2021: is one of Data already entered by the Revenue Agency Therefore, the parties involved must Just check.

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Answering frequently asked questions, frequently asked questions, posted on the portal dedicated to pre-filling, the financial department indicates How to verify the correctness of the information.

Those who benefited from Discount on services used from July 1 to December 31, 2020 must check The data was entered in line E83 of part E. with the Code 3.

The information came directly from the tourist accommodations that accepted Eid reward Also available at “tax drawer” of individual beneficiaries.

However, it may also happen that some data goes out from the revenue agency while preparing forms 730. If Discount Amount It is not on line E83, the taxpayer who is entitled can Fill in the line independently.

In addition, in the information sheet for the 2021 tax return, it is also provided Other data sent by the tourism service provider:

  • CF and the name of the tourist facility;
  • coupon code;
  • date of use
  • CF for the user;
  • discount amount.

Holiday Bonus, Model 730/2021 to indicate use or return

The Model 730/2021Moreover, it can also be used for Holiday bonus refund is not due.

last february revenue agency with Reply to Question No. 66 of 2021 Provided instructions to follow.

The idea to highlight this issue came from the taxpayer Take advantage of this facility unnecessarily by ISEE model calculation error.

The document also specifies, in fact, the occasion for compliance is to submit tax return 2021.

It would be enough to refer to Code 4 in line E83And the Other discounts, to report the amount of “The Vacation Tax Credit is not accrued, in whole or in part, which has been used in the form of a deduction for the payment of accommodation”.

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Once the line is filled out correctly, there will be no consequences for the taxpayer.

To confirm this is Answer to question No. 66 dated February 1, 2021:

“If 80 percent of the holiday tax credit has been used incorrectly, it can be returned, without penalties and interest, upon filing the return (730 or PF INCOME), by filling in the appropriate fields on the chosen form.”.

Beside Nothing will change about the structure which, at that time, apply the discount provided by Eid reward.